Sarah & Phil

“Trust in Tanya”. A friend of mine who knew I was house-hunting recommended that I “Talk 2 Tanya.” I did, and I am now a proud home-owner. My family and I were living overseas, but planned to move to the northern Virginia area in the summer. I contacted Tanya, and I flew to Virginia in late January to meet her and get a feel for the housing market. I instantly liked her! Given the short time frame in which I had to look around, Tanya spent the whole weekend with me looking at homes and neighborhoods; not only did Tanya develop a good understanding of my budget and home needs, she took the time to get to know me as a person. Tanya is very knowledgeable about the market: she accurately predicted which homes would sell for more than list price, and which homes were priced too high. If I expressed interest in a particular home, she advised what she thought the home was worth, which allowed me to decide on a fair offer. Tanya has a knack for developing solid rapport with fellow agents, which became valuable in determining whether we were dealing with a motivated seller or someone who would probably not budge much from their list price. I had 100% confidence in Tanya and her ability to find me a home; she did, and she subsequently walked us through the entire home-buying process – which she and her team made seamless and easy through their constant communication with us throughout the process. I highly recommend Tanya and her team to anyone looking to buy or sell a home!

— Sarah & Phil